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A lighter skin has the skin's natural balance, which is more like a mix of light and dark skin, with a balance between the two. What is a light skin? A light skin is a type of skin that has a balance between white and light pigment, with no darker pigment. Some people are light-skinned because of genetic differences, while others have naturally high levels of both light and dark pigment. It's the combination of the two, with no more than one pigment being darker than the other, that can be described as light or dark. Light skin is generally more translucent, while darker skin is more dark and dense. How do I know if I have a light or dark skin? There is one way that you can tell whether or not you have a lighter or darker skin tone: how light you appear. How to look and feel lighter? Light skin looks soft, pliable, and soft to the touch. Most light-skinned people don't wear foundation or concealer on their skin, which can make the complexion appear darker. A lot of people who have a lighter skin tone don't really notice it, because they feel they look pretty good on TV, or they don't have many wrinkles or other imperfections on their face, even though they may have darker skin. It's a very subtle effect, and doesn't require much effort.

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