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Some warts that are not cured by antibiotics have some kind of treatment. In fact there are many drugs that can help to heal a wart.

The reason why many people are asking about warts treatments are that they don't think that warts are a serious problem. Many people think that you just have a few bad ones. This is simply not true. There are thousands of people with warts in India, and they can be cured by various drugs, which means that it is not a serious problem. It is possible to get warts by any other kind of infection, like colds, cold sores, and some other conditions. The treatment is just the same as in any other infection. A few medicines and antibiotics will help a lot. However, there are various treatments available in the market. I will try to describe about one of them, which has the advantage that it will also reduce the risk of spreading these diseases. A very effective medication called Tetracycline ( Tetracycline is used to treat infections such as bacterial infections) is widely used in India. It is effective against warts, but also against other infections like chicken pox. In fact, it is the main treatment for chicken pox in India.

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