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Some of my favorite products to buy to help your eyelashes grow are:

Natural lashes: Lashes that are naturally curly and have the texture of baby fur, such as those made by Jo Malone, and those made by the New York-based brand Temptalia, which is also available as a drugstore product and a brow gel. There is also natural eyelash conditioner (not to be confused with the artificial stuff). You can buy both natural and synthetic for $16 a bottle on Amazon. Mascara: These are the most popular mascara brands. They include Too Faced, Maybelline, Revlon and Estee Lauder. Prices vary widely, but you can find mascaras for under $8 a tube on Amazon. Highlighter: These are the other major category in which you will see a lot of products. For example, you will also see highlighters from Guerlain, NARS, CoverGirl, Tarte and NARS. Makeup Remover: There are many types of makeup removers available to get rid of makeup residue. They include liquid makeup removers, such as those from Clinique and Benefit, and gel products like those from Etude House and Clinique. Cream Lashes: Cream lashes are a category you will definitely be interested in. If you are in the market for eyelash extensions, you should definitely check out those from LashCeuticals.

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