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I hope to help people find what is right for them. I have a free website that will help you find products. You can use my link to buy any product, or use the coupon code: "SOSCASTER10" (it will save you 10% off the price). I hope you find some of these detox products useful!

Treatment for detox problems can be as simple as avoiding a food that is a cause of the problem, like dairy or caffeine, or avoiding a certain drug like amphetamines or cocaine. If you need a detox, you should consult a specialist.

I know that some of you are interested in seeing some of the detox products on this page. Here are a few examples of things you might want to avoid while in recovery.

Bubble baths

When detoxing, bubbles tend to form in the mouth, throat and skin, so if they get into the eyes you may have a problem. Bubbles can cause irritation to the eyes and skin, which can be very unpleasant. The only thing that I have found that helps to keep bubbles in the skin is a lot of eye contact. If you are prone to bubble baths, you should make a plan with your doctor to remove them.


There are many products that contain natural essential oils.

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