Sarawak – Land of the Hornbills

Sarawak covers an area of 125,000 sq. km., and is the largest of Malaysia’s 13 states. It is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is one of the two Malaysian states (the other being Sabah to the north) on the island of Borneo. We share this exotic and beautiful island with our neighbors Brunei and Kalimantan (Indonesia). Sarawak is known as ‘Bumi Kenyalang’ (in English, Land of the Hornbills). The Rhinoceros Hornbill is the official state bird of Sarawak and is featured on the State’s coat of arms.

Kuching (‘Cat’ in Malay) The Capital City of Sarawak

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. The Lonely Planet Guide describes Kuching: “Borneo’s most stylish and sophisticated city brings together a kaleidoscope of cultures, crafts, and cuisines. The bustling streets –some very modern, others with a colonial vibe –amply reward visitors with a penchant for aimless ambling.” We think the folks at the Lonely Planet Guide have nailed it! Home to over 26 ethnic groups, the residents of Kuching take great pride in their city; from our history and heritage to our wonderful and varied cuisine. Kuching’s residents are renowned for their hospitality and their good-naturedness. In its diversity there is unity, and this is why on 1st August 2015 Kuching was declared the world’s first ‘City of Unity’.
For more information on Kuching, including things to do and places to see, visit: www.sarawaktourism.com

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